New World Next Week | New Law Allows UK Gov to Lie in Court | Dec. 8, 2016


Story #1: Snooper’s Charter Allows the State to Lie In Court

Story #2: Pentagon Buried Study Exposing $125 Billion in Waste
Trump National Defense plan
Climate Change Will Stir “Unimaginable” Refugee Crisis, Says Greatest Refugee-Manufacturing Machine Ever Known
Air Force One Just the Tip Of the “Boeing Bank” Iceberg
Flashback: How Many Trillions Did the Pentagon “Lose”? (Oct. 28, 2014)

Story #3: 65 Million Americans Should Threaten to Not Pay Taxes
Wikipedia: Mark Weston
#NewWorldNextWeek Headlines: Germany Finally Admits to Hosting Key US Drone Base
Pentagon Admits to “Unbelievable” Amounts of Child Pornography on Government Computers
Wikileaks: ’Colbert Report’ Programmed by Clinton Foundation
Take your pick: 100% independent, open-source, people-funded media OR more #FakeNews from the MSM?
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