Tom Campbell | My Big TOE's Most Controversial Questions | Dec. 6, 2016


Who are we really?

Some of the most difficult questions for the readers/listeners of Tom Campbell's My Big TOE theory concern ourselves as a free will awareness units interacting in this reality.

Step up to the concept of virtual reality, and not only are those questions more easily understood, but quantum mechanics is no longer "weird science".

Those whose life's work supports Tom's theory are Dr. Bruce Greyson, director of the UVA division of perceptual studies, and Dr. Donald Hoffman, U C Irvine who has stated, "There is no brain." (referring to Tom's comments in this video on brains and consciousness.

FWAU- Free will awareness unit
LCS- Larger Consciousness System (The One, Supreme Being)
IUOC- Individuated unit of consciousness
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