Dark Journalist | Secret Space Program Update! | Ryan Exposes Goode: The Facts! | May 16, 2017

Source: DarkJournalist.com

A Special Dark Journalist Report
This informative update between the second and third installment of the groundbreaking Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt interview with Project Avalon's Bill Ryan, explains the massive Marketing/Entertainment/Intelligence Psyop that is attempting to divert serious research into the Secret Space Program. Gone is the serious inquiry into the Missing Trillions that have been covertly funneled into space infrastructure with a major transformation into a Milk Toast, New Age Benevolent Time Traveling ET fairytale.

Goode's Story Crumbles
Bill Ryan recently wrote a compelling article that called into question the story of Corey Goode, who claimed to be involved in a secret military program as a Time Traveling Astronaut. Goode also claimed benevolent Blue Avian aliens were using him to communicate with humanity.

Ryan had started his investigative career on Project Camelot and later founded Project Avalon and had interviewed many whistleblowers. When he spent time dealing with Corey Goode and his bizarre story, red flags were flashing everywhere. Goode had no evidence and his story was changing too much and becoming far more elaborate. Ryan had also received information that the entire spectacle may be part of a larger effort to discredit serious UFO and SSP investigation.

The Truth Stakes Are High
UFO research over the course of 75 years has always been a target of intelligence operations to discredit the notion of advanced technology and off-world civilizations. This new push to take serious, meticulous research on a Secret Space Program being developed without the public's knowledge and have the narrative be adapted as some false, discrediting narrative about Goode as an ET Messenger and member of a Space Alliance is too much for serious researchers to fathom. It appears that the topic of this Secret Program is being manipulated and contaminated by design. By the time this bizarre effort is over, most people may not even recognize the field of UFO and SSP investigation.
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