Newsbud | Facebook & Google: The New Faces of Big Brother | May 15, 2017

Source:, Newsbud on Twitter

They call this the information age and Social media has revolutionized the transfer of information worldwide, allowing people to connect instantaneously and share information as its happening. While this appears to be a good thing, and in many instances it is, we must take into account who are the ones that are controlling these platforms, what are their intentions and how much power do these mega corporations really have?

Show Notes:
Germany Passes Bill To Fine FaceBook, Twitter Up To $50MM For "Fake News"
The Imperative of Replacing Google and Facebook
Facebook Suspends 30,000 French Accounts 10 days Before Election in Attempt to Censor Le Pen Supporters
Austrian Court's 'Hate Speech' Ruling Says Facebook Must Remove Perfectly Legal Posts All Over The World
Facebook to Appeal Global Hate Speech Order in Austria
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