New World Next Week | CNN #FakeNews Amanpour Challenged to Interview Aleppo Boy's Father | June 15, 2017


Story #1: Amanpour Challenged To Interview “Aleppo Boy” She Exploited For War Propaganda
MintPress Meets The Father Of Iconic Aleppo Boy, Who Says Media Lied About His Son
Wikipedia: Christiane Amanpour
Complete 9/11 Timeline: Christiane Amanpour
Wikipedia: James P. Rubin
Hillary Clinton Email Archive: Secretary Clinton's Interview With Christiane Amanpour

Story #2: Young People Hit Tokyo's Streets To Protest “Anti-Conspiracy Bill”
Update: Japan Enacts Broad Anti-Conspiracy Law
Expert Disputes Japan Government Claim That Conspiracy Bill Needed To Ratify U.N. Treaty Related To 2020 Olympics
Conspiracy Theory Becomes Frightening Reality For Japan

Story #3: "We're Not Monsters" - Ontario Township Defends Shuttering Girl's Lemonade Stand 🍋💰
6 Illicit Lemonade Stands Towns Had to Shut Down
NWNW Update: Chimpanzees Aren't People, Don't Have Right For Habeas Corpus
NWNW Update: Germany's Merkel Says Digital World Needs Global Rules
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