Dark Journalist | Cabal Infiltration? Secret Space Program Nazi Controversy | June 14, 2017

Source: darkjournalist.com

This special Dark Journalist report continues to look at the 3 Year Disclosure Cult that is consolidating resources in the alternative community. During this short overview, we raise the dramatic public link between self proclaimed 'Time Traveling Astronaut' Corey Goode and a Website identified as an Adolf Hitler admiration society that describes Hitler in Glowing terms as a hero. The links were posted by Goode himself and require a major explanation.

What Cabal Exactly is Goode Referring to?
Mysteriously the controversial website contains many of the themes that Goode uses in his own narrative like 'infiltration' and 'Cabal'. This strange fact leads many to wonder if he he referring to the same 'Infiltration' and 'Criminal Conspiracy' as the Hitler website? Goode is now trying to convince his followers that the 'Cabal' is after him although he has no evidence and it seems an odd juxtaposition to his comfortable life and TV show with David Wilcock.

Promoting Nazi and Hitler websites is deeply troubling and the public is deserving of some straight answers from the self-proclaimed time traveling astronaut. -darkjournalist.com
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