Daniel 'Dark Journalist' Liszt | State of Stealthy Affairs - Part 1 | Debunking the Good Cult | Forum Borealis | Aug. 9, 2017

Source: forumborealis.net, darkjournalist.com

What's the REAL classified space program & why is a fantasy story pushed by powerful sources? DJ joins the discussion on stealthy state of affairs.

Topics touched: Intel ops, Junk Conspiracy, Deep State, NASA, Black Economy, Dark Journalism, Independent Media, Star Wars, Teosophy & Antroposophy, Gaia TV, New Age, UFO Cults, Breakaway Civ, "bad vs good" aliens, Antediluvian Civ, old timers in the field. Folks mentioned: Goode, Wilcock, Dr Salla, Dr Greer, Marrs, Dr Farrell, Fitts, Dolan, Levenda, Dr Scott, Howe, Schratt, Rosin, McCandlish, Dr Brandenburg, Dr Vallée, Hoagland, McClelland, Bauval, Hancock, West, McKinnon, Ryan, Basiago, High.
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