Dark Journalist & Walter Bosley | Blue Gemini X Pine Gap UFO Base Cover Up! | March 23, 2018

Source: DarkJournalist.com

In this Special episode Dark Journalist goes deeper than ever before on the secret code messaging of 'X' as a descriptor of Exotic UFO Technology moving through various Departments of Federal Agencies.

He will look specifically at the Pine Gap Listening Station and Experimental Aircraft Base known as Australia's Area 51 and the Early UFO Recon Project known as 'Blue Gemini' which was run by Ex-Nazi Rocket Scientist Werner Von Braun and was shut down by President John F Kennedy in a power struggle with the Deep State.

He will be joined by Secret Space Author Walter Bosley who pioneered research into the NYMZA Secret Society that developed early Secret Advanced Airships in Germany and the US.
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