James Bartley | Inside MiLABS, The Darkside of UFOs, Archons, and A.I. | Hour 1 | OffPlanet Radio | Apr. 6, 2018

Source: radio.offplanetmedia.net, thecosmicswitchboard.com

OffPlanet Radio with James Bartley, experiencer, researcher. investigator MiLABS, UFO sightings, govt. mind control programs and spiritual warfare.

First hour (public):
An overview and defintions of MiLABS, how they operate, why they exist; what are MiLAB abductions? How do they differ from other abductions—or DO they? Mind control and MiLABS Deep underground bases, both human and alien—postulate: what is “down there”? James’ background and experience; his training with alien abduction researcher, Barbara Bartholic; Overview of military alliances with ETs, specifically reptilians. The “real” reptilians vs. the internet memes, David Icke, and what most people perceive them to be. Reptilians and other ET types…are there ‘friendly’ aliens? Why don’t theyt assist us? Or DO they? US and western nations alliances with ET forces; from a military historical view, is this new or have we been “occupied” for…a long time.
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