Jordan Maxwell | Special Dogmatic Theology Part 1-3


Description: We begin a special series with Jordan Maxwell on Religion. If you are not thinking for yourself, this could be quite offensive. Listen at your own risk. The world around us is designed to be deceptive. Many live in fear and perish for lack of knowledge. Facts are facts, Truth is reality untamed, to educate about truth is an act of love. Tonight is the first of a special series of presentations.

Unmasking what is commonly called religion, The real God Father is the Pope.

Where does god Live? A god was appointed over a solar system, and his name is Zeus. He lives in a floating city in Cassiopeia.

What would happen if Zeus dropped an anvil to the earth? Our father who art in heaven. The chief Theos is Zeus. The origin of Jupiter is explained.

Which of the three major religions came first? Who was Karl Jansky? Did he transmit a signal into space? Did he get an answer? Duncan Lunan sent a message. Responses were amplified and intelligent.

The Theogony of Hesiod is about the God who rules over the heavens. It was channeled through an illiterate man in ancient Greece. Angels are muses.

The divine right of kings is granted by Zeus through his representative, The Pope.

The different places the Jewish homeland was proposed to go.

The British formation of Israel. The idea of a holy land is full of holes.

There are many holy mountains. The moon god is Sin. Who are the people in the book? Who wrote “The Book”?

Who is the god Dagon? The Vatican sent its troops to go up the mountains and slaughter men, woman and children who did not wish to be in their religion. They were called The Knights Templar.

There never was an ancient Israel. The Hebrew word for God is (EL), which is the root of the word Elohim. These two letters written in Hebrew as Aleph, Lamed (AL), is the same word used in Arabic as the word God (Allah), which also has its root in the two letters (EL) or (AL) Modern sun worship is real. Black Sabbath is more than just Chuck’s favorite band.

Part 2

This episode is The second part of a continuing series with Jordan Maxwell on Religion. As it stands today, Jordan has studied this for more than half a century.

The dogma of the western world continually screams It is Christian; its values are Christian. Is this true? Does anyone truly understand what they are saying when repeating these claims?

The foundation of Christianity is not what it seems. As with nearly everything else in this world, there is truth and deception encoded in every pillar of society. The war between light and darkness is older than the language used to tell the story. What is the story?

The Greatest Story Ever Told has truth encoded in it, but it is not the truth as represented. Historical Evidence is there to support the idea that the biblical story existed long before The Book. A Church is a Circus.

The word Christo is another word for oil. Who is anointed? One God, One Faith, One Spiritual Authority, is the basis for Vatican architecture. What god are the Catholics worshiping? You are not in the big club.

What is the Worth Ship? Theos. We explore A god versus The God. Knowledge is power. Is religion itself the circus that keeps the powerless entertained? Perhaps prayers are not heard because you have been trained to speak to the wrong deity.

Part 3

Jordan Maxwell continues his special series on religion. Indiana Jones and the lost Temple of truth? Jewish people worship many gods, not just one. Volcano worship is about the female orgasm. (If you know what you are doing, then you understand the symbolism)

Why does Roman Law dominate the modern world? The Lord of this contemporary world is the evil that most claim they oppose. Do they realize they are serving the most demonic entity? Why does every volcano have a woman’s name?

Egypt seems to be the true origin of the greatest story ever told. What is the Hebrew tradition? How Evil are the true controllers? Why are all three major religions all about sex? How much darker will this series get? Did God show his ass to Moses?

Mount Sinai and the story of Moses is a useful Myth. Multiple gods litter what is alleged to be the Jewish faith. What is the truth of “The Ten Commandments”?
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