Grant Cameron on UFO Insider Knowledge | Tom Delonge, Stargate Portals and Consciousness Technology | July 8, 2018

Source: Alien Outpost TV,

I had the pleasure to sit down and interview Grant Cameron at the 2018 Ozark UFO Conference! We talked about many fascinating topics within the UFO world. Grant talked about Tom DeLonge and breaks down the interview the DeLonge had with Joe Rogan.

Grant also brings new information that Tom DeLonge has brought forward which DeLonge isn’t allowed to discuss anymore. Grant talks about many secret programs that are going on and discusses the various types of advanced back enginnered technologies. He breaks down President Eisenhowers Military Industrial Complex Speech and gives a different angle compared to other researchers take on the speech.

He went into detail into his Portal Research and explains how this Stargate type technology is currently being used to travel inter-dimensionally. He also talked about how a being came through the portal. We talked about many topics and a few of the topics discussed are below. -Alien Outpost TV

Tom DeLonge
Joe Rogans interview with Tom DeLonge
Pentagon UFO Program
Atip Program
Advanced Top Secret Technology
Area 51 and Lockheed Skunkworks
Consciousness Technology
Deep Government Insiders
The Cosmic Club
Disinformation Programs
Secret Space Program
UFO Disclosure
1947 National Security Act
Eisenhower’s Military Industrial Complex Speech
Advanced Military Technology
Back Engineered UFO’s
Inter-Dimensional Portals
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