Richard Dolan | Intelligent Disclosure Ep.4 | July 26, 2018


Richard Dolan on False Flags (Full Presentation)

This presentation was given in Australia in May on 2018. Richard is a world-renowned UFO researcher, historian, and author. He has been featured on Ancient Aliens, Hangar One, and as a guest, on Coast to Coast (USA). Richard believes that UFOs are a global reality affecting nations and people everywhere.

The two topics that Richard will speak about are:

The Cost of Secrecy — from Money to Mind Control

It’s easy to forget that UFOs aren’t just some theoretical “what if we’re not alone?” type of question. The issue is extremely down-to-earth and affects everyone on the planet. Not simply in terms of the obvious philosophical implications, but in terms of the heavy-handed secrecy and control system that has actively been in place for over seventy years. It’s expensive to fund research, development, and technology for an evident breakaway civilization. Moreover, the psychic costs of secrecy and denial are incalculable. Richard Dolan will examine the growth and costs of the secrecy system, particularly with a view toward ways for each of us to maintain our clarity, integrity, and courage while inspiring others to learn the truth.

False Flags

It is ironic that governments around the world are cracking down against so-called “fake news” when some of them have explicitly created fake narratives for decades in the form of false flags. Simply put, a false flag is a dramatic and usually traumatic action, usually taken by a government or intelligence agency that is then blamed on some other person or group. In the world of false flags, there is a King, and that King is named the United States of America. But false flags are perpetrated by other nations, too, it turns out mostly by U.S. allies. Richard Dolan brings sense to the subject of false flags, explaining why they are such an important component to our world today, discusses some of the most important ones of recent years, and provides guidelines on how to spot them when they occur.
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