FILM: This is the Classified Space Program - Michael Schratt | Forum Borealis | July 23, 2019


So what's the real SSP as opposed to the fantasy notion pushed by Gaia TV, David Wilcock, Corey Goode, & other conmen? Hear an expert give the adult treatment, discussing such points as: What cases points to covert tech? Whence & when did it begin?

Reverse engineering or human development? How can we tell when spacecrafts are of earthling origin? Where are they manufactured & by whom? What's the production cost & how is it financed? What's the 3 levels of aerial crafts?

How advanced are they now? Can they reach the stars? What of TTSA's Disclosure? Which presidents would be clued in? What of Trump's space force? Who's in charge? + Learn why Thursday is crucial...
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