G. Edward Griffin | The COVID/U.N. Takeover, BLM/Antifa Revolution & the Way Forward | Aug. 6, 2020

Source: guadalajarageopolitics.com

G. Edward Griffin examines how COVID-19 is being used as a pretext to strip away freedoms and move us toward supranational government. He comments on the Marxist revolutionary movement of BLM and Antifa in America, something which he predicted in detail in a 1969 lecture titled "More Deadly Than War."

He assesses the grim and "Pessimistic Scenario" we are moving toward and considers we are truly in a "life and death" situation. Nevertheless, with great cheer he inspires and urges people to continue fighting tyranny.

Show Notes:
The UN: An International Coalition Government – G. Edward Griffin
More Deadly Than War – A Lecture by G. Edward Griffin
“Deception Was My Job” or “Soviet Subversion of the Free World Press
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