Linda Moulton Howe | Interview w/Celestine Star on Reptilians, Cattle Mutilations, Loud Jet Noises & Q&A | Aug. 5, 2020


More strange jet sounds in Manizales, Columbia
- Similar to June 23, 2020 loud jet sound from Austria
- Also metallic sound, like trumpets in the middle of the night

Eerie animal mutilations in Oregon and England
- Black Angus “died in a position she couldn’t have gotten into by herself”
- “tongue was excised and her udder and vaginal tissue removed, all without blood”

Interview with Celestine Star, ex-wife of Ernest Robert Hunt, former Flight Chief of Edwards AFB
- “Home was tapped, because everything was being recorded”
- “reptilians…those reptilians”
- vast caverns under Edwards AFB
- “there was a reptilian being”…”sharp claw-like hands”
- “the eyes, yellow”.. “they had a slit in the eye”
- “it is about the control of the Earth”
- “I know that there are special that our Government is working with”
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