British Fighter jets chase UFO down the M5

A mystery cameraman took footage of the military aircraft chasing the shiny orb.

The 30-second clip is believed to have been taken from a West Midlands service station car park. Expert Nick Pope, who probed UFO sightings for the MoD, said: "This is one of the best videos I've seen. It could be a new drone - that might explain the military jets.

"But you don't normally test-fly secret projects in daylight. Alternatively, this could be the real thing - a UFO in our airspace and military aircraft scrambled to intercept, probably due to it being tracked on radar."

The MoD refused to comment on the alleged sighting, but confirmed it would scramble jets to meet an air threat.

West Midlands Police said: "We are not aware of any reports of unidentified aircraft near the M5."

Robster wrote:

Well i hate to be the bearer of bad news but the above mentioned video is totally 100% a 3d rendering(CG) movie. Not a real world event.
I laughed because i also do 3d work and have been in the motion graphics business for 15 years,
and i knew i had seen that purple truck somewhere before.
So i went to my favorite 3d model online service to see if it was there.
With the same ugly purple color i remembered. All they did was take out the sing on the back of it.
Also the movement of the planes is not correct.And the lighting is off very cartoonish lighting.
And at the end when the camera looks down by the car wheel (last frames) the ground is white (they forgot to add texture to it).
Nice attempt but no cigar!.
The program used is called 3Dmax
Man why do i feel like i just crashed a party? 
Anyway i hope this helps in the truth search.
Keep searching the sky!

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