UFO sends objects to Earths surface, caught on video. Could this be alien activity?

Are we being invaded by something from the unknown? What is going on that was captured on video from the Philippines?

The following footage could not go by without sending it to our readers.
We have posted wild and strange occurrences that just seem to be getting more bizarre as time marches on.
Today is no exception.
On March 26th approximately 9:30 PM a strange object was filmed in the act of dropping or sending additional objects to a designated area on the surface of this planet. The incident took place in the Philippines and was witnessed by more then one individual while being captured on video tape. What are these objects and are they extraterrestrial in nature?
If so then what are they up to initiating such an act in the middle of the night?

If this is yet another hoax then lets bring it out in the open. We present this video record found on the Above Top Secret web site for your analysis and opinion. Was this another wild attempt to fool an audience or a prelude to an invasion of some kind. Perhaps it was no more then a military operation of sorts.
In any case people are asking questions as the UFO phenomena evolves.

Check out the footage below posted to You Tube. There are three vidoes in all.
Have at it and leave your comments. What is this activity?

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