Daniel Gonzales | GEET Engine, TeslaTech 2012

Source: americanantigravity.com

Licensed dealer and trainer Daniel Gonzales provides an overview of the GEET Engine, a plasmic-reaction engine that features a plasma reactor which breaks down fuel before it enters the cylinder.

GEET is claimed to run on nearly any fuel source, and differs from traditional engines by lowering cylinder temperature and having a more even gas-expansion, which is claimed to allow the device to run at much higher RPM's while simultaneously reducing fuel consumption.

Daniel Gonzales is currently one of the few licensed GEET dealers, and claims to be the only dealer currently training students in the GEET process.

GEET Engine Demo @ TeslaTech 2012

Daniel Gonzales, GEET engine authorized dealer and trainer, provides a demonstration of the remarkable GEET engine at TeslaTech 2012.

The GEET engine is a new type of internal combustion engine featuring a "plasmic-reactor", which utilizes exhaust heat from the engine in a magnetic field to create a high-temperature gas-plasma out of incoming fuel.

This innovative fuel-process is what makes the GEET engine so unique, and has earned the device a reputation for being a new innovation that produces remarkable test results.
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