Joshua Parker on Rife Machines, TeslaTech 2012, August 3, 2012


Rife historian Joshua Parker provides an overview of Rife Machines and demonstrates a frequency generator and plasma-tube arrangement capable of generating the complex frequencies used in experimentation by Royal Rife in the 1930's. Parker describes a resurgence of interest in Rife machines, which many believe to be capable of destroying viruses and bacteria in the body without damaging surrounding tissue by using targeted resonant frequencies.

According to Parker, misinformation exists on Rife machines that has led to improperly constructed machines being sold to unaware experimenters. Parker indicates that a Rife machine must combine audio frequencies with a radio-frequency carrier in order to meet Royal Rife's original specifications, but that many of the machines currently on the market only produce audio frequencies and thus fail to meet Rife's original design specifications.

Parker's Rife machine demonstration includes showing a frequency generator capable of producing coupled audio & RF frequencies connected to foot-long plasma tube that Parker indicates can effectively dissipate as much energy as a much longer antenna would have formerly required. As a Rife historian, he describes his knowledge in this area as primarily involved with helping others to understand the research of Royal Rife and how Rife machines actually work.
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