Max Igan on Truth Connections Radio, July 27, 2012


Max Igan questions everything. And when he's finished questioning, he questions some more. No longer in doubt, and connecting dots, people, and links in the chain of truth, Max Igan dedicates much of his time to waking humanity up to the clear and present danger of being taken for a ride through the fools conveyor belt of lies, false flags, hidden agendas, conspiracy facts, historical cover-ups, global set-ups, and the dumbing down of ALL people on this planet, for reasons of insane control of the many by a mere few.

Max has produced many hours worth of highly recommended video documentaries ( with heavy themes and in your face facts, promoting awareness of the abovementioned topics, and continues to spread himself thin by sharing his knowledge and research through interviews such as this one. Max hosts his own online radio show and is driven by the goal of seeing a united human force banding together as one to overthrow the insanity that currently rule just about every aspect of our lives.

Think nothing has changed? Freedom comes at a price now, but the mind controlled will never know it. From childhood we are educated to believe and trust our superiors; not to question authority; accept all information as fact when it is bound and referenced; and watch our televisions and read our news articles, for that is how our education will continue! Only the wise close books, and open minds. Don't just believe what 'they' tell you -- trust in your common sense, realize your logic, and resonate with your intuition. Max's book, Earths Forbidden Secrets is a great place to start. Find it free here: Earths Forbidden Secrets, Part 1 - Searching For The Past
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