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Source:, Stormm53 youtube

John Stormm was was born into a family of hereditary witches that traces it's ancestry back many centuries to ancient Tara. MK Ultra programs are known to target children who are genetically predisposed with psychic ability. He was raised and trained in the craft by his grandmother, and was the only male witch in his family. He is a highly trained ninja and a master of martial arts and began his martial arts training in 1963.

John was one of the first infants to be inducted into the MK Ultra program in 1953. Over the years he was subjected to many torturous physical, mental, psychological, chemical conditioning and implant experiments, designed to make him into an unstoppable hunter/seeker/assassin. With well over 140 different programs under the MK Ultra umbrella, there are many aspects victims have in common, including ritual abuse, abusive families, and constant terrorizing as children. They micro fractured and dislocated his bones in effort to make them harder, denser, and stronger, as well as subjecting him to shock treatments. There was also hypnosis, sound 'treatments' and 'a chair' that was used to either implant false memories and/or remove specific memories in a debriefing and replace them with something more innocuous. The training included, drugs, genetic manipulation, ultra-steroids, bionics, and implants.

In the late 1960's he was trained and used as a remote viewer in Project Talent, a sub project of the MK Ultra program, and by 1970 he was assigned combat roles in the Cambodian side of the Ho Chi Minh trail. He trained Khmer freedom fighters in stealth tactics and facilitated them equipping themselves from the weapons and stockpiles of the Khmer Rouge, just prior to the US bombings of Battambong. John became "problematic" as an MK Ultra operative because he was questioning the motives of his controllers so his position was pulled. He was then given the option to join up as a "contractor" with the DEA and other alphabet agencies in hunting down drug lords and other such monsters in Central America.
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