Dr. Bernie Saurez | TV-Style MK-ULTRA The Mainstream Media, Washing your brain 24/7 | Far Out Radio | Feb. 2015

Source: FarOutRadio.com, TruthAndArtTV.com

Dr. Bernie Suarez from TruthAndArtTV.com is back with us for another visit. Dr. Bernie’s TruthAndArtTV.com dishes up info in an entertaining way that’s informative without beating you over the head with a bullhorn.

I’ve been enjoying Bernie’s work for some time now and one of the issues he’s been hammering away on is how the Mass Media is nothing more than Mind Control.

I’ve been saying for some time now that the MSM is the “Unofficial 4th Branch of Government.” It's the one that CONTROLS YOUR MIND. Bernie referenced the media con-job of the 911 reporting, as well as the Boston Bombing and Paris Charlie Hebdo incident. -FarOutRadio.com
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