Jon Rappoport | The News Media’s Death Rattle & Jon’s Exiting The Matrix Education Series | FarOutRadio | Feb.16, 2015


Veteran journalist Jon Rappoport was back with us this evening. In the first half, we covered the impact of the Brian Williams situation on the already troubled mainstream media news. Are the wheels ready to come busting off this tired old buggy that fewer and fewer people are watching? It seems that way.

In the second half we talked about Jon's three part "Matrix" series. Part 1, "The Matrix Revealed" addresses that biggest question, "Who runs the world?" Once we have an understanding of how our reality has been "created" we can no longer be so easily fooled.

Part 2, "EXIT From the Matrix" addresses the power that comes from exercising the creative imagination. The world is the way it is because "they" use their creative imagination and we tend not do do so. But, we can!

And Part 3, "Power Outside the Matrix" teaches how to analyze information in The Age of Disinformation."

As the character Morpheus says in The Matrix movie, "... free, your, mind!" -FarOutRadio
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