George Knapp | Bob Lazar, Area 51 UFO Presentation | Copenhagen Oct. 2014

George Knapp speaks about Bob Lazar and area 51, S4, John Lear and alien craft.

Bob Lazar given credence by John Lear , Gene Huff and others and dismissed by the likes Stanton Freidman. George Knapp got involved back in 1989 and he has been involved with this ever since. Presentation from Copenhagen Oct. 2014.

We have all probably heard part of the story especially from John Lear and Stanton Friedman coming from opposite ends of the discussion. George goes thru his experience and shows clips , quotes and various references and how Area 51 is now part of 'popular 'culture and can be dismissed as sky-fy or crack pot ufologist speculation. But it can also seen as a great cover story for genuine covert military surveillance craft like the U2 etc., or even more exotic government secret programmes, possibly back engineering ET craft and developing their own. Definitely worth a watch if you are curious about Bob Lazar, whether you have dismissed his statements or not.

George tells how he became involved and also tells how Bobs account has been corroborated or paralleled by other witness's he has interviewed over the years. -Cidersomerset
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