STS-74 MASTER Uncut 34 min. UFOs circling the MIR space station | Martyn Subbs NASA Archives

Source: Martyn Stubbs youtube

This entire raw clip has UFOs buzzing, swarming & circling the MIR space station, seen by NASA color & B&W cameras in both daylight & darkness. There are so many UFOs for the full 34 mins. that I can not begin to point them out! So I have posted this unedited sequence from my MASTER tape so all UFO researchers can study the whole clip to see UFO activity on a rare scale, a FULL Satellite pass.

NASA & the RUSSIANS had to view this whole Shuttle-MIR fly-around, so they could not cut away to hide the UFOs. (From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives) A few minutes of music comes from the Russian Space Station MIR, as part of their live feed from space. -Martyn Stubbs
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