Untimely Departure | Near Death Experience Documentary by Sonia Barkallah

Source: s17.tv

Millions of people all over the world tell the same, rather disturbing story: the feeling of coming out of their bodies, watching doctors bring them back to life, hearing surgeons talking to each other and seeing a tunnel with a light at the end. This experience has changed their lives, to the extent that they no longer fear death. This phenomenon was long considered to be obscure and the subject of mockery, but now, many scientists are taking an interest and asking questions: How could these people perceive and memorise scenes from when they were brought back to life when they were unconscious, in a coma or even declared to be clinically dead?

This documentary brings together cardiologists, neurologists, anaesthetist-ICU doctors, doctors, and psychologists. They tell their tale uninhibitedly, lifting the taboo of what turns out to be a goldmine of knowledge for science and Mankind. Leaving the theory of hallucination behind once and for all, and instead focusing on a possible delocalisation of our consciousness, we understand that the hint of a new paradigm is gradually taking shape. -s17.tv
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