STS-75 Tether SEARCH (19 mins) proves UFOs NOT ice! | Martyn Subbs NASA Archives

Source: Martyn Stubbs youtube

This UNCUT video shows 2 B&W cameras, both searching all around the shuttle Columbia, for the broken Tether for 19 mins., until it suddenly appears SWARMED by UFOs! This unedited video (from the master tape) shows that NOTHING is near the shuttle UNTIL the UFOs & Tether appear.

No water DUMP takes place, no ICE particles appear, no DEBRIS is seen; NOTHING at all but stars. NASA "CAP COM" comments continually & discloses (@ 10 mins. into the search) that the broken Tether is SENDING info & the on board experiments are activated. NASA never mentions any debris or ice swarming the shuttle & the cameras. We clearly see no ice, or debris! From my (Martyn Stubbs) NASA UFO Archives. -Martyn Stubbs
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