James Horak, Crystal Clark & Mhairead MacDonald on Hundredth Monkey Radio, Sept. 6, 2014

Source: The Hundredth Monkey Radio, emvsinfo.blogspot.com, drowninginabsurdity.org, selkiedreams.co.uk

Some of the topics discussed:
Fukushima, China Syndrome, Yellowstone, Dying Pacific & West Coast, Amazon, Cities in the Sea, WW3, God Particle, Spirituality & Moral Outrage, Kennedy's Speeches, Free Choice, Hunger, Depopulation, Chemtrails, Suiciding, Vinnie Eastwood, Psychotronics, Wizard of Oz, Gradualism, Gaza, Hamas, ISIS, Tora & Talmud, Conversion to Judaism for Banking, USS Liberty, EMVs & ETs stabilising Operations, St. Monica UFO base, new Comet Pitbull, CME knock out of MILSATs, Hale Bopp, the Lucifer Telescope...
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