Matthew Stein | What if a Solar Storm, EMP or Financial Collapse Happened Today? | Veritas Radio


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Small solar storms strike our planet every year, that the most recent extreme solar storm hit the earth in 1921, and the one before that struck in 1859. Records indicate that even though most of the planet’s evening skies were lit up with incredible multicolored auroras during these two extreme geomagnetic disturbances (GMD), they apparently caused few major problems on the planet. This makes today’s situation very different from that of 90 and 150 years ago.

How could our country protect itself from the worst effects of an extreme solar storm or EMP attack, and why would this discourage such an attack?

For the price of a single B2 bomber ($2bn - worth more than its weight in gold) America could implement a program to avert the worst effects of an extreme solar storm or EMP attack, such as extended grid collapse and a nuclear Armageddon resulting from most of our country’s reactors melting down spontaneously.

Is the worst of the financial crisis is over, or is it yet to come?

What kinds of skills should I have that could help me survive a full-blown economic collapse?

What about trade and barter? Are there any specific types of items that would be particularly valuable in a barter system if the financial meltdown gets worse?

From looking at your list of natural and manmade disasters, it appears that pandemics and plagues have been the biggest killers of all time. How could the average person prepare in such event.
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