UFO Sightings | whotookmymojo | Oregon, USA, Aug. 27, Sept. 9-10, 2014

Source: whotookmymojo youtube

August 27-2014

Description: Shortly arriving on scene and a familiar but different configuration catches me off-guard and out of breath -whotookmymojo

September 9-2014

Description: Viewers will recognize the similarities to other flyovers and the object does change briefly in luminosity. Also focused on a short personal observation using 7x50 Nikon optics to help define the shape better and interesting to observe the thickness of a triangle shape and tall pyramidal structure on the light array. -whotookmymojo

September 10-2014

Description: UFO observed with a slightly different look also notice a few of the the interactions that have also been observed in past videos. -whotookmymojo

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