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Magicians of the Gods is a sequel book that has been long awaited with extremely high expectations. I have been extremely intrigued as to just how the author’s sequel would transpire with the legacy that ensued Fingerprints of the Gods. In essence, Magicians of the Gods has not only surpassed these high expectations, but has done so in an intelligent, diligent and dedicated manner. Not only do we see Hancock’s usual synchronization of global data, from scientific analysis, courageous researchers, and world mysteries, but we see his additional 20 years of wisdom imbued within this work, since the release of Fingerprints of the Gods.

On a personal note, I practically devoured the content within the first day, not just because I am an avid reader of such scholarly material, but because there is a realism, truth and relevance to humanity with respect to the material, that Hancock has provided. Be prepared, the research in this book will inculcate you with a truthful perspective of the past, our origins, and our possible future based in hard science and reality. I have truly and thoroughly enjoyed this historical gem, in its entirety, it is a triumphant read on a multitude of levels!

Magicians of the gods has not only come full circle from its prequel, but has also launched us up a new level of the current evolving paradigm. There is an underlying sense of justice that prevails in this work, as we have finally reached a much clearer perspective on our origins, in that respect, this is an indispensable read; I have never been able to say that about a book before! -E.A. James Swagger
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