Zen Gardner | Surfing the Waves of Reality | Oct. 14, 2015

Source: higherjourneys.com, zengardner.com

Show Notes from this episode:
- The significance of the “Blood Moon” of September 2015.
- How has so-called “social engineering/conditioning” affected the alternative or “awakened” community?
- How the use of language can sway the individual’s consciousness.
- The importance of studying the roots of words and understanding their codified meaning.
- How people parrot language to reinforce conformity.
- The commercialization of images.
- How the “awakening” comes through busting through tough times.
- How the Matrix actually works against itself.
- The importance of not being attached to the outcome.
- What we can learn from the “pioneers of courage.”
- Why are people so willing to “follow the leader?”
- The backbone of conventional religious ideology.
- Negative vs. positive trends, i.e. Tommorow-land vs. Flash Mobs.
- The necessity of harnessing inner-technology (i.e. empathy, telepathy) as key to busting through the Matrix.
- The recent collective sense of foreboding – Is something big going on?
- The ramifications of an economic or technology crash.
- How relying on food on demand is a dangerous trend.
- Zen’s own “five stages of awakening.”
- Why the Vibrational Empowerment is NO joke!
- How “busting through the dark” is actually a natural process.
- The recent uptick in synchronicity and why it’s happening now.
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