DJ (Level9News) on Sofia Smallstorm Podcast | Sept. 25, 2015

Source:, Level9News youtube

Listen to DJ on Smallstorm Podcasts | Episode from 9.25.2015 | Summary: Sofia and DJ converse about the B.P. oil spill (remember that in 2010?) and what the synthetic organism "Synthia" also announced in the same year might really have been about, a synopsis of what a "virus" really is, the cholesterol myth, and more.

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Level9News promotes facts and information that the government and mainstream news media will not. It is here to inform you so you can make intelligent decisions regarding your health, safety and liberties.

In addition to bringing alternative angles for discussion regarding the financial, political, economic and state of our republic being reported by conventional media and government, I will periodically report information on black projects as they are documented.
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