Freeman Interviews Randy Maugans | Part 2: The UFO-Freemasonry Synchronicity | Oct. 13, 2015


What happens when you put two Conspiracy Theorists in a room together? Mind-Blowing connections and far-reaching questions, that’s what. From Black Magick to Military Intelligence and on to UFO’s…

Part 2 is a mind-blower as Freeman and Randy begin to compare UFO/ET experiences with completely unrehearsed, undisclosed synchronicities. Neither of the two hosts have EVER spoken before, yet discover their common backgrounds including blood types, family ties to Freemasonry, occult practices, railroads, and military…with some new disclosures about personal experiences.

Part 2 | The UFO-Freemasonry Synchronicity


Part 1 | Randy Maugans on FreemanTV | Conspiracy Theory
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