Richard Hoaglands Dark Mission Coverups, Lies, & Calling for NWO, November 26, 2011


Before We Broke This Story, We Had Always Admired Richard Hoagland
Before this story broke, Michael Vara and I admired Richard Hoagland and had even asked him to be on the "Late Night in the Midlands" radio show. We didn't share all of his views but we still thought that he was pushing for the truth in his own way. All that changed however during our subsequent research of this story. By the time we got finished with our investigation we knew that Richard Hoagland was definitely a liar who hides data, manipulates people and most likely also still works for NASA and other government agencies as a gatekeeper to steer the herd away from the truth and into whatever fantasy he is pushing next. Examples of these fantasies were when he told everybody that Elenin was not a comet but a spaceship and that YU-55 would actually hit the moon after it flew by the Earth according to his secret sources! Of course nothing Richard Hoagland says ever comes to pass and he never shows evidence for his most outrageous claims! You'll understand why when you finish this article.

Why Is Everything About Money With Richard Hoagland?
Everything about Richard Hoagland seems to revolve around money. That's why each time he appears on "Coast to Coast" he tells people that to get the REAL truth, they must buy his book or attend some conference where he will spill the beans! He even charges people on his Enterprise Mission website just to chat with lord Hoagland! Why does Richard Hoagland charge money for even participating on his website anyway? Why does he control the flow of information on the website and ban people who disagree with anything he says? It will all make perfect sense as you look at all our evidence!

Most In the Truth Movement Have Blindly Followed Hoagland
Of course, most in the truth movement have never heard any the things we are exposing about Richard Hoagland in this article and on our upcoming radio show. It's is our sincere hope that everyone seriously researches what we are saying for themselves and quit following him like a bunch of sheep to the slaughter. We will be happy to provide any information you need to make up your own mind about Richard Hoagland.

We encourage everybody to pepper Richard Hoagland with the tough questions that we will bring up in this article and our upcoming world exclusive interview about this subject matter on November 26th at 9pm EST on Radio Nsearch. Word of this show has already gone mega viral and we expect a huge turnout! and
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