Matt Presti and Robert Otey | Walter & Lao Russell - The Cosmology of Light, OffPlanet Radio, February 13, 2013


Matt Presti and Robert Otey seperately began exploring the obscure and suppressed works of Walter and Lao Russell, and the profound implications of the merger of science, cosmology, and spirituality. When they later joined forces, they began to earnestly use the technoloigy of the internet to inform the people of Earth about the foundational concepts which the Russells termed "The Secret of Light".

Both a new concept, and a rediscovery of what can be termed the Universal Laws, or the Law of ONE, the work of Walter and Lao Russell exposes the myths of modern science, the devices of the controlled scientific communities, and the dark agenda to deny humans right knowledge of their primordial heritage. The Russells', well-known and honored in their time, suffered the indignities of other suppressed genuises such as Nikolai Tesla and Viktor Schauberger. Tesla, himself, warned Walter Russell to bury his work for a thousand years until mankind was ready for it.

The questions now is: are humanity awakening to the point where this knowledge can be received and activated? The Russells' work hold keys to unlock not only free energy, but the potential of every living soul with the understanding of their eternal destinies and their place in the great cosmic design. Can humans, at the dawn of the 21st century, embrace the concepts of Light and throw off the dark masters who have divided science and spirituality through atheism, reductionism, and materialist concepts. -OffPlanet Radio
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