National Policy Institute 2015 Live Podcast | Become Who We Are | Nov. 2, 2015


November 2, 2015–Become Who We Are: The Identity and Spirit of Our People, a conference organized by the National Policy Institute and hosted by Richard Spencer, was held on Saturday, October 31, 2015 at The National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Richard Spencer is President of The National Policy Institute (NPI) and Editor of Washington Summit Publishers and Radix Journal. Mike Enoch is behind the political and cultural blogs, The Right Stuff and Ovenworthy, and the weekly podcast, The Daily Shoah. Richard and Mike, together with Red Ice Creations team members Henrik Palmgren, the host of Red Ice Radio, and Radio 3Fourteen’s host, Lana Lokteff, participated in a live podcast/panel discussion at Become Who We Are.

In this dialogue, the panel covers a wide array of concerns currently being tackled by the Alternative Right and the Nationalist movement, which has been gaining momentum as more and more Europeans begin to wake up to the reality of the dispossession of their people and motherlands. Henrik begins by addressing the refugee crisis in Sweden and the demographic suicide that is occurring at the hands of psychopathic politicians. Richard relates that as more and more people awaken to the raw deal of the status quo, the Alt Right path naturally opens up to provide politically incorrect answers and a proper opposition for aspiring rebels.

As the audience raises questions, the conversation touches on the use of comedy for shaping an alternative narrative and, as Lana puts it, spreading the message through the creation of unique media, art and fashion cultures that stand apart from the lefty cesspit. Mike gives his expert advice on trolling, a form of ‘culture jamming’ that has become the movement’s mainstay technique for breaking through the absurd SJW firewall of political correctness. We also get into the validity of separatist movements and what it will take to convince Europeans to take back the reigns of their empires.

Then, the panel concentrates on strategies for waging successful ideological warfare against the typical demonization of the New Right movement. Henrik speaks about Red Ice Creations’ forthcoming social networking site that will facilitate connecting like-minded individuals across the world. To round thing off, the audience seeks advice for countering the hostile globalist elite and winning the culture war, which the group illustrates can be achieved through building high trust within the community, demonstrating self-sacrifice, and developing passionate forms of expression aimed at influencing people who are truly ready for a radical shift.

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