Robert W. Sullivan IV | The Dark World of the Esoteric: A Mind Blowing Interview with a Freemason | Nov. 14, 2019

Source: Beyond the Forbidden TV youtube,

Robert W. Sullivan IV back on the show. He is the author of several books, Cinema Symbolism and Cinema Symbolism 2.

During this discussion we talk about his first book The Royal Arch of Enoch: The Impact of Masonic Ritual, Philosophy and Symbolism.

We talked about many fascinating topics within this interview into the esoteric, freemasons, occult and Egyptian mythology.

• Who is Enoch?
• Was Enoch the Father of Freemasonry?
• Was Enoch the First Case of a documented Alien Abduction?
• Was the book of Enoch purposely left out of the Bible and why?
• Is there a connection to the discovery of the Book of Enoch in Ethiopia and The Ark of the Covenant which is claimed to be in Ethiopia?
• The Egyptian Book of the Dead
• Is there a connection between Egyptian Mythology and symbology with Christianity?
• Is Christianity an Egyptian myth?
• Why is there a all seeing eye, aka eye of providence or the eye of Horus in a lot of lodges of freemasonry?
• Is there a freemasonry influence with iconography and symbolism all over the U.S. and especially Washington DC?
• Astrotheology
• Zoroastrianism
• Amen = Amen Ra
• Royal Arch of Enoch Degree
• Freemasons and the Constitution
• John Dee
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