S0 News | Galactic Mysteries, Coronal-Quake Connection | Oct. 16, 2019

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Jacques Vallée & Alan Stivelman | Witness of Another World | Oct. 15, 2019

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We are pleased to announce Jacques Vallée as our guest for the first half hour who discusses how he got interested in UFOs, his thoughts of the UFO subject in more recent times and the a particular case that we discuss further with Argentinian filmmaker, Alan Stivelman which is depicted in his film: Witness of Another World. This film is about a lonely gaucho named Juan lives a solitary existence on a remote farm ever since he witnessed a UFO event.

JACQUES F. VALLÉE is a principal at Documatica Financial, LLC and a diversified investor with a passion for technology startups in space development, medical equipment and information management. He earned a Bachelors Degree in mathematics from the Sorbonne, a Masters Degree in astrophysics from Lille University and a PhD in Computer Science /AI from Northwestern University (1967).

Based in Silicon Valley, Jacques has served as a founder and general partner in five venture funds, including NASA’s “Red Planet Capital”. Among the companies for which he spearheaded early-stage financings, fourteen achieved IPOs, notably Electronics for Imaging, Accuray Systems (developers of the “Cyberknife” for cancer surgery), NeoPhotonics (Nanotechnology for optical networks), Mercury Interactive, P-Com, Isocor, Regeneration Technologies, Harmonic Lightwaves, Ixys, Integrated Packaging, E.Piphany, Sangstat Medical, Com21 and Synaptic Pharmaceuticals, specialized in neurotransmitter biology. He served as a member of the Board of Directors of many of these firms.
Other companies financed by Jacques (in particular, HandyLab that produced an instrument recognized as “transformative for oncology”) were successfully acquired by Becton-Dickinson, Intel, Lucent, AOL, Cisco, Wilson Greatbatch and Intuitive Surgical.

In his early career Jacques worked at Paris Observatory and at the astronomy department of the University of Texas in Austin, where he co-developed the first computer-based map of planet Mars. Moving to California after management positions with Shell and RCA, he implemented (with Jake Feinler) the first Network Information Center on the Arpanet and later served as a principal investigator for DARPA and NSF. Jacques has published several textbooks about computer networking and has maintained a long-term interest in unidentified flying objects, currently (2019) serving on the expert committee of the French CNES tasked with studying such reports. He received the Jules Verne Prize for his first science-fiction novel (in French). He resides between San Francisco and Paris. He has two children and three grandchildren.

ALAN STIVELMAN, 1986, is an Argentinian filmmaker, developing both in fiction and documentary film. “Humano” was his first film, which has had worldwide relevance since its premiere in 2013. To date it has had more than three million viewers worldwide, being translated into more than 7 languages. From April 2017 it has been added to the Netflix film catalog. It premiered in a dozen international festivals, such as Warsaw, Brasilia, Mar del Plata, Gramado, Lima, Avanca, Helsinki, among others.

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S0 News | Quake Warning, Core Confusion, Cosmic Photobomb | Oct. 15, 2019

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Derek Murphy | Portals to the Abyss | Freeman TV

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The fact that 32 pig brains were brought back to life using a technology called BrainEx may sound like an episode of J.J. Abram's Fringe TV series but, it's not. How close to reality are our science fiction tales of macabre? Are there portals to another dimension with weak spots that cause areas of high strangeness?

Contributions in the fringe community can sometimes come from where you least expect it.. Derek Murphy is a good example of that.. Derek, aka the NightStocker, works overnight at a supermarket, stocking shelves faster than just about anybody.. but while he stocks, he consumes countless hours of podcasts, lectures, and other fringe information.. that quest for knowledge has lead him to dive deep into the esoteric aspects of his hometown and surrounding region in Massachusetts, which flowered into the building blocks of a possible unified theory.. ley lines, portals, lost ancient information, the nature of reality, it's all there.

But Derek isn't just into conspiracies, the paranormal, and metaphysics.. he also takes an interest in popular culture and pulp,becoming well-versed in tv, movies, comic books, and the industry around it.. combining both these interests into some pretty wild analysis of esoteric themes in media and the overall zeitgeist...

Derek is not a published author or podcaster, but you may have heard him call into your favorite conspiracy show to tie together some threads and blow some minds.. he hopes he can do that today with Freeman.

Dark Journalist & Carmen Boulter | New AtlantisRising: Egypt Hotzone Hall of Records Mystery! | Oct. 13, 2019

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Clif High | The Hybridization Mandate & Quantum Computer Mandela Effect, Explained in Detail | Oct. 8, 2019

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We Talk with clif today about Quantum Computers, Quantum Webs, Quantum Supremacy, Using technology to manifest archetypes and knowledge. Contacting the Cosmic Ancients with systems we don't even fully understand yet. Were the ancients doing similar things with Cymatics, do hieroglyphs show the evidence?

S0 News | Climate, Cosmos, Saturn, Galactic Plasma | Oct. 9, 2019

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The Corbett Report | Experts Say "Experts Say" Headlines are Propaganda - #PropagandaWatch | Oct. 7, 2019

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Experts say don't believe news headlines that start with "Experts say." And, in this case, the expert is me. Find out more in this week's edition of #PropagandaWatch with James Corbett.

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Linda Moulton Howe | SpaceX Starship, new Mars missions, Albert Bender's book and Live Chat Q&A | Oct. 2, 2019

Source: earthfiles.com

- SpaceX's new Starship prototype
- New Mars missions looking for evidence of life
- Follow up from last week's questions
- Reading from Albert K Bender's book: Flying Saucers and The Three Men

Jimi Brent with James Horak | Inside The Matrix | KCORadio.com

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This Time Around
I have had hosts that have had me as a guest that were reticent to bring into the discussion what smacked of the political. But as of the last few years (were they still living) I believe that would not be the case. In fact I believe the political now bears more on ufology than many subjects often discussed in that connection. One of my favorite hosts may have had something in that vein in mind when last we spoke. Something urgent, what he was excited about when he asked me to do his last show with him that last night he blessed the earth with his presence.

This show I have just been on with the host Jimi Brent well appreciates the many aspects of ufology linked with government and military and all their “political” trappings. How one bolsters another in keeping ufology and other anomaly within the borders they wish to define. Forget the casualties and ruined lives these two have perpetrated in suppressing witness details and hiding hard evidence, today they set the stage for their “in borders” disclosure meant to interpret for everyone ET presence as hostile, something that can replace the exigencies of war and its great benefit to a military/industrial complex needing that potlatch. The double service of lies fostered by the Rand think tank: human society is too delicate to know about ET existence, converts into: but now it must be told for the expenditures we must make to protect against an ET invasion.

We've been warned, The Report From Iron Mountain, what Werner von Braun told his associate Carol Rosin and Ronald Reagan's speech snippet about how the threat from “out there” might help to unite all the nations of the world. Like I said, setting the stage.

So they (ETs) wait until we've made a mess of things here and then want a planet among millions that can be engineered into inhabitable!!?? And you think them to be like us, hostile to ourselves even, waging war when they have learned to live with technology where one of them can hold in their hand the ability to destroy a planet!!?? Grow up and use some common sense. Consider that all the accounts you've heard about that foster any notion of abductions and harmful probing just might be a part of this staging, at least the vast majority, by a covert black ops outfit supported and directed by the US Air Force. Experiencers often report the presence of Air Force officers when they are being probed.

There are many discriminations we must make on our own today to get to truth and though this may not be the most important one at the moment, it may well be before long. I speak to your knowledge base in the hopes I may speak to you one day of mine - JCH

Ken Rohla | What's Really Going On With 5G & How Does It Impact our Health! | Oct. 3, 2019

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Today we had our good friend Ken Rohla from Fresh and Alive on the show to talk about electromagnetic field radiation aka EMF radiation.

We talked about what 5G is really going to be used for. Is 5G really designed so that we can download Netflix movies faster or is there a more sinister plan here?

What about dect phones or dirty electricity in your walls? What about ambient radiation coming from smart meter or your neighbor’s wireless routers?

Here’s something nobody is talking about…

Ask your doctor how the heavy metals in vaccines interact with 5G technology and watch his face go blank.

This technology is becoming ubiquitous. We can’t get rid of it. It’s everywhere.

There are mitigation strategies about how to protect yourself from wifi, emf and specifically 5G technology.

The frequencies being emitted is something that’s causing blood sugar imbalances, the inability for the skin to interact with the sun and endogenous subcutaneous cholesterol to create adequate vitamin d levels via photonic displacement.

Low vitamin d levels?

Ambient wireless frequencies might have something to do with it.

This is deeper than you ever imagined my friends.

We need to learn mitigation strategies if we want to regain our health.

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Oct. 3, 2019

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There's a hole in this story, and it may be a big one:
‘Nasty surprise’: Russia goes silent on mysterious drill hole in International Space Station
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