Brien Foerster | Quadcopter View Of Ancient Sites Near Cusco Peru | Nov. 20, 2019


It is no longer possible to film via quadcopter these sites due to new regulations so please enjoy.
-Brien Foerster

Jeff & Peter Robbins | A Most Remarkable Conversation About SecDef James Forrestal | Nov. 18, 2019


This Jeff Rense Program Hour Is from 11-(18 & 20)-19 with Guest Peter Robbins.

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Nov. 20, 2019


Space... the final frontier... at least, it may be for NATO. But Joseph has some suspicions about what may be behind this latest attempt to expand NATO's remit:

NATO To Make Outer Space Next "Operational Domain"
Space is essential to NATO’s defence and deterrence
NATO Defence Ministers approve new space policy, discuss readiness and mission in Afghanistan

S0 News | Space Weather, Big Earthquakes, Dust Storm, Climat | Nov. 20, 2019


Richard Dolan | The Turkish UFO Videos of Kumburgaz 2007-2009 | Nov. 19, 2019


From 2007 to 2009, a remarkable series of videos were taken of something that appeared to be over the Sea of Marmara, by the city of Kumburgaz, near Istanbul, Turkey. It has strong defenders and strong skeptics alike. Richard and Tracey do their best to present this as fairly as possible.

reddit Trendies Clamor for Internet Censorship - #PropagandaWatch | Nov. 18, 2019


How do you encapsulate a news story in an article? And how do you capture the essence of that article in a headline? More to the point, does any of it matter if people only end up discussing the headline itself? And just what is Andrew Yang's ideas for regulating misinformation online anyway? Join James for this jam-packed edition of #PropagandaWatch.

Show Notes

S0 News | Earth Events, Volcano Watch, Disaster Science | Nov. 18, 2019


Kari Jaquesson | What the Shamestream Press won't tell you about Zyria | Part 1 of 2 | Nov. 17, 2019


We kick off a new series on media criticism, starting with the BIG LIE of this decade. Albeit recorded a year ago, ALL is still valid & ongoing. In pt 2 we explore the shocking geopolitical aspects & smoke out the culprits. In pt 1 we focus upon z.y.r.i.a. itself, like: Democracy or dictature? How did it start?

Who's suffering & who cause it? What does sanctions really mean? What of gas attacks & barrel bombs? Who's the army vs the "rebels"? What's the truth about "white helmets"? Who supports islamists & who really fight them? How's the mercenaries manufactured? Origin of Wahhabism? Intentional migration waves? + Hear the magical exception of 911... NB!

This video has been deemed "dangerous" and subsequently demonetized by YouTube with it's visibility buried. Please consider supporting our work to counter the censorship, so we can keep producing programs exposing truth on controversial matters.

Dark Journalist X-Series 73 | Jim Garrison JFK NASA NAZIS Permindex & Secret Space Program | Nov. 15, 2019


Chris Marx on Skinwalker Ranch & Human Experimentation | The Black Vault Radio | Nov. 15, 2019


It is a mystery that stretches across about 1,000 acres of land.

It was first reported on back in June of 1996, and since then, what we now know as Skinwalker Ranch has intrigued anyone interested in the Paranormal.

Cattle mutilations, UFOs, otherworldly creatures… the ranch seems to be a paranormal buffet for all things weird and unusual.

Now, rumors circulate that even the Defense Intelligence Agency took an interest in the ranch, and some even allege that it was the epicenter for government-backed paranormal research during a program known as AAWSAP.

My guest today is Chris Marx. He is a former law enforcement officer for the state of New Mexico for more than 9 years. After his work there, he went on to join the U.S. Army and became a certified Military Police Investigator. He also had two tours of deployment in Iraq between 2007 and 2009.

When he returned state side, he went to the private sector. This is where Chris was hired by Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies, or BAASS, to work as an investigator for billionaire Robert Bigelow. Chris worked on the infamous Skinwalker Ranch, utilizing conventional as well as unconventional research techniques in the field. He left for another combat tour in Afghanistan in 2016, and upon his return, was transferred to work within Bigelow Aerospace itself, which he did until his resignation in February 2019.

After his own investigative research after he left Bigelow Aerospace; he now feels much of his time at Skinwalker Ranch may have been about human experimentation, he just didn’t know it at the time. He also feels strongly that quite possibly… he was one of the test subjects.

His concerns that remain unanswered and unaddressed turn an already twisted tale of paranormal encounters, into an incredibly disturbing narrative, if it all turns out to be true.

S0 News | Big Quake Predicted, Sun, Neptune, Climate | Nov. 15, 2019


Robert W. Sullivan IV | The Dark World of the Esoteric: A Mind Blowing Interview with a Freemason | Nov. 14, 2019

Source: Beyond the Forbidden TV youtube,

Robert W. Sullivan IV back on the show. He is the author of several books, Cinema Symbolism and Cinema Symbolism 2.

During this discussion we talk about his first book The Royal Arch of Enoch: The Impact of Masonic Ritual, Philosophy and Symbolism.

We talked about many fascinating topics within this interview into the esoteric, freemasons, occult and Egyptian mythology.

• Who is Enoch?
• Was Enoch the Father of Freemasonry?
• Was Enoch the First Case of a documented Alien Abduction?
• Was the book of Enoch purposely left out of the Bible and why?
• Is there a connection to the discovery of the Book of Enoch in Ethiopia and The Ark of the Covenant which is claimed to be in Ethiopia?
• The Egyptian Book of the Dead
• Is there a connection between Egyptian Mythology and symbology with Christianity?
• Is Christianity an Egyptian myth?
• Why is there a all seeing eye, aka eye of providence or the eye of Horus in a lot of lodges of freemasonry?
• Is there a freemasonry influence with iconography and symbolism all over the U.S. and especially Washington DC?
• Astrotheology
• Zoroastrianism
• Amen = Amen Ra
• Royal Arch of Enoch Degree
• Freemasons and the Constitution
• John Dee
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