New World Next Week | The Truth About the Coronavirus Vaccine Trials | Oct. 29, 2020


Dr. Joel Wallach | Alternative Health | Coast To Coast AM


September 22, 2020 - Dr. Joel Wallach shared alternative health approaches and the benefits of remedies and supplements that aid in the body's recovery from many diseases and ailments. Regarding COVID-19, he concurred with the advice of social distancing and mask-wearing, yet suggested the root cause of illness from the virus stems from people's compromised immune systems and preexisting conditions brought on by nutritional deficiencies.

The lack of available nutrients in the body is caused by eating gluten for decades, as this damages the intestines, he contended. He added that nutrients are needed for bone marrow to make white blood cells and antibodies that combat viruses. 

Speaking of nutritional deficiencies, he reported that sudden infant death syndrome was greatly curbed in certain states after selenium was added to baby formula. Obesity is also connected with a mineral deficiency, he continued. Wallach warned about medical errors, such as when a patient goes into the hospital-- a recent study found that it's the third-largest cause of death in America.

S0 News | Centaur Activates, Nova Events, Electric Jupiter | Oct. 29, 2020


Matthew LaCroix | Suppressed History, Anunnaki Engineering, & The Eagle/Serpent Divide | Oct. 29, 2020


Matthew LaCroix is a passionate writer and researcher who grew up in the outdoors of northern New England. From the secrets of ancient history to the nature of reality and the ancient gods of the past, no stone is left unturned in his endless pursuit of the truth. Matthew's main goal as a writer and researcher is to objectively study the evidence from history, and then formulate logical conclusions to help answer some of our most difficult questions.

Linda Moulton Howe | 6 Galaxies in a Black Hole, Pt 1 2007 Interview w/Jim Marrs, Viewer Q&A | Oct. 28, 2020


- 6 galaxies discovered already formed in super massive black hole

- COVID-19 long term damage
- lungs and heart muscle damage
- can cause small blood clots and weaken blood vessels
- herd immunity called into question as antibodies appear to decline

- Remote viewer “Lyn” Buchanan saw future agrarian society,

- 2007 Interview with Jim Marrs talking about his book “Psi Spies: The True Story of America’s Psychic Warfare”
- Remote viewing testing
- Project STAR GATE

S0 News | Climate Backwards, Dusty Plasma, EQ Prediction | Oct. 28, 2020


Questions For Corbett | Where Can We Run To? | Oct. 26, 2020


Today on Questions For Corbett, James answers a frequently asked question about where people can move to in order to escape the globalist agenda.

Show Notes:
How is Japan Reacting to the Crisis? – Questions For Corbett #057
How is Japan Reacting NOW? – Questions For Corbett #061
Free Republic of Liberland
The Seasteading Institute

S0 News | Galactic Micronova Trigger, New Sunspots, EMF Quakes | Oct. 26, 2020


Jacques Vallee's UFO Mysteries & Disclosure | Coast To Coast AM | Sept. 12, 2020


COAST TO COAST AM - September 12, 2020. Legendary UFO expert Jacques Vallee joined guest host Jimmy Church in the middle two hours of the program to delve UFO mysteries and disclosure. 

"One of the things that the UFO community has failed to do so far is to enlist the interest of the... scientific community," Vallee said, noting UFO researchers could use a series of 'sanity checks' on their data. He pondered the meaning of disclosure and pointed out it could only come from the agencies that oversee the cover-up.

Dark Journalist X-99 | The Nixon X-Secret Revealed - Abbotsford The Hidden UFO Message! | Oct. 24, 2020


(NOTE: We had technical issues so the show starts at 6:00 Minutes...thank you!)

Dark Journalist reveals staggering new information on the secret relationship and political ties of President Donald Trump and the late Former President Richard Nixon.

He initially revealed their previously unknown correspondence in 2018 and now the mainstream media has just verified their letters. A former Covert Agent named Robert Merritt before his passing gave Dark Journalist never-before revealed details about a secret message regarding the UFO File that Nixon had left as a Time Capsule for future generations.

How does this relate to strange UFO sightings and a stolen Time Capsule contents in the small town of Abbotsford on the Canadian Border in 2020? Was it all predicted by White House Psychic Jeane Dixon in 1970?

Fordbidden "Mirrors": Classified Time Travel Research USSR | Oct. 26, 2020

Source: Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill

… Panic, unconscious horror, dizziness, and the feeling of leaving the body — this is what those people who were engaged in the experiments with Kozyrev mirrors in the USSR actually felt during experiment… aluminum structures made in the form of a spiral, which, according to the scientist, can reflect physical time, and can also focus certain types of radiation, like lenses.

S0 News | Unexplained" Increasing Energy, Ocean Cooling Trigger | Oct. 25, 2020


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