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I would like to make this huge archive available to all of you. Please enjoy!

S0 News | The Liquid Sun, Solar Storm Ozone Destruction | Jan. 18, 2021


The Corbett Report | The 4th Annual Fake News Awards! | Jan. 16, 2021


From the palatial living room studios of The Corbett Report it's the 4th Annual Fake News Awards. 
The boldest lies. The stupidest propaganda. The ugliest presstitution. 

Join James as he debunks the lies and shames the liars behind the biggest fake news stories of 2020. Who will take the Dino for the worst fake news story of the year? Watch and find out!

Tim Sanders | "Law Of Creation, EMF Matrix, Zero-Point Force, Illusions Of Matter" | Age Of Truth TV | Jan. 17, 2021


Tim Sanders is a British Researcher of Electromagnetic Frequencies and Radiation and the possible dangers on our body, mind and spirit.

He is a F-i-V-e Gee expert and the founder of Omnia, the Omnia Radiation Balancer. Also a Truth Speaker and a Researcher of Science and the Esoteric.

Tim Sandars´ specialist subject is the new physics of consciousness. The understanding of the location of the zero point in each atom and the fundamental role this plays. The knowledge that we interact with this zero point field at all times, and that it responds to our conscious human intent. So we are the master manifesters – of matter, systems, buildings, art etc. And the zero point is the field of creation – the field of divine intelligence which we interact with to create.

Tim Sandars is working with a new unit of energy. It’s called the Deca and it is here for us to develop new energy solutions that can eventually replace electricity.

Our first product is called the Omnia Radiation Balancer which brings together this new science and this new technology, this new energy. The new energy is programmed to override or harmonise the radiation field.

In this FASCINATING, MIND EXPANDING interview with AGE OF TRUTH TV Presenter and Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander, Tim Sandars explains the zero point physics and shows how we bring the zero point of a microwave radiation field from a phone back to centre so that it’s in the same vibrational pattern as the human cell. Therefore, we create ‘resonance’ between the radiation field and the body...... and much much more...

The Black Vault | The CIA and UFOs: Inside the Release of the CIA’s UFO Records | Jan. 17, 2021



Nearly a quarter of a century ago, The Black Vault was born.

I was fifteen years old when I started what you’re seeing now, and it was at that same age back in 1996, that the CIA quickly found out the name John Greenewald.

I tried to gain access to documents on UFOs that the CIA had already released to the public at the time, but the CIA pushed back on my efforts by charging me money to get them. And that was money I just didn’t have as a teenager.

So, I switched gears. I targeted the information the CIA had never released before. It was more recent, and quite possibly more interesting. But I had no idea what else they would have in store for me.

In an in-depth and convoluted tale that stretch over the course of years, The Black Vault would finally pry loose thousands of UFO related documents that at the time, had never seen the light of day before.

And recently, a data CD-ROM also obtained from the CIA by The Black Vault which compiled most of these records, was put online in effort to make the most simplistic and straight forward way to download them all at once for public consumption.

And the internet… went wild.

It took only a few days for The Black Vault’s servers to be hit more than 101,000,000 times by nearly 1.7 million people. A record hit of traffic ever logged in 25 years of operation.

What is in these records? Why is the public so fascinated? And WHAT did the media get wrong?

Stay tuned – you’re about to journey INSIDE THE BLACK VAULT.

Show Notes:

UFOs: The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Collection
Vice News: You Can Now Easily Download All CIA UFO Documents to Date
The Black Vault: "All UFO Documents From..." Collection
Dr. Leon Davidson's FBI Files
The FULL Robertson Panel Report
Chief Armed Forces Medical Examiner Saved One Single 1994 UFO Article – This Was It -

Dr. Joel Wallach | Ask Doc Live | Jan. 15, 2021


After many sleepless nights, Dr. Wallach has finally found what he's been looking for. He has discovered a Native American tribe who lives primarily off of rice instead of gluten. Listen in to find out what a difference that makes in their COVID-19 numbers.

Tony Gosling | Advent of the Global Corpocracy | Forum Borealis | Jan. 16, 2021


S0 News | Darker Cosmos, Weaker Field and Stronger Sun? | Jan. 15, 2021


Dr. Simone Gold | The truth about the CV19 vaccine

Source: Mustard Tree youtube 

Original clip taken from Rodney Howard-Browne's YouTube channel.

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Jan. 14, 2020


An unusual day today because we will be talking briefly about two stories; the first out of Israel, as geopolitical fallout from the selection of Biden continues, and the second from the USA, and a grieving wife:


Patricia Cori | Freedom From The Matrix | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio


S0 News | Cold Future Confirmed, Earth is Surrounded, Gamma Burst | Jan. 14, 2021


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