Whitney Webb | Cabal Control Tactics, The Trust Project, & The Epstein Network | Sept. 18, 2019

Source: thehighersidechats.com, mintpressnews.com

Brace yourself! Today Whitney Webb from MintPress News joins THC all the way from Chile to talk about her work on recent U.S. meddling in Venezuela, the false sense of security offered up by The Trust Project, and the very deep and methodical research she has done on the Jeffery Epstein saga and all the ties that bind. She can be found on Twitter under @_WhitneyWebb

Max Igan | Saudi Arabia Accuses Iran of Sponsoring Oil Plant Attack | Press TV | Sept. 18, 2019

Source: thecrowhouse.com, presstv.com

The Black Vault | UFOs and the U.S. Navy | Sept. 18, 2019

Source: theblackvault.com

Join me, John Greenewald, Jr., dissect the string of official statements as issued by the U.S. Navy to The Black Vault. These are the statements that has caused a flurry of worldwide attention in the past couple of days. I will go over each one, word for word, so you can see exactly what the U.S. Navy has said, and we will go over what it may, or may not, mean.

Jeff Rense & David Icke | The Death Cult And His New Book ‘The Trigger’ | Sept. 18,2019

Source: rense.com, davidicke.com

This Jeff Rense Program Hour Is from 09-18-19 with Guest David Icke.

Catherine Austin Fitts Explains the Financial Coup D'état | Corbett Report | Sept. 18, 2019

Source: corbettreport.com, solari.com

Catherine Austin Fitts has been following the story of the black budget, the missing trillions, and the back door in the US Treasury for decades. Now, her tireless work on this subject has been published in a comprehensive report from Solari.com, “The Real Game of Missing Money” Volumes 1 and 2. Today James Corbett talks to Fitts about FASAB 56, the missing trillions and the financial coup d’état which has liquidated the wealth of the United States and shipped it out the back door.

Show Notes:
Interview 1407 – Mark Skidmore on the Pentagon’s Missing Trillions
FASAB Statement 56: Understanding New Government Financial Accounting Loopholes
Caveat Emptor: Why Investors Need to Do Due Diligence on U.S. Treasury and Related Securities

S0 News | Seismic Signals, Antarctica, Geo-engineering | Sept. 16, 2019

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Dark Journalist | X-Series 66: Blavatsky In The Hotzone: Theosophical Society Atlantis Mystery School! | Sept. 14, 2019

Source: darkjournalist.com

In this groundbreaking episode on the 144th anniversary of the founding of the Theosophical Society Mystery School (TS) in 1875, Dark Journalist takes us on a deep exploration of its founder, enigmatic Russian Esotericist Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. Through careful connecting of dots and analysis DJ shows that Blavatsky was extensively involved in the HotZone and visited Cuba on many occasions. TS would eventually open over 300 lodges there teaching that Lost Atlantis once ruled the entire Atlantic as major Spiritual and Technological force before it was destroyed!

He also explores the spiritualistic manifestations of the mysterious John King who claimed to be the spirit of legendary Knight and Pirate Henry Morgan who invaded Cuba and governed much of the HotZone in the 17th Century. It was claimed that Morgan, who was a central personality coming through mediums in the nineteenth century, was also a major guide to hidden wisdom for Blavatsky, while others claimed it was Blavatsky herself who materialized this astral apparition as a spiritual teaching moment and as a message from the Mystery Schools to humanity.

The Corbett Report | 9/11 Whistleblowers: Michael Springmann | Sept. 9, 2019

Source: corbettreport.com

That so many of the visas were issued from a single office may seem like a minor footnote at first glance, but it is not. In fact, the Jeddah Consulate is not just another US Consular Office. It has a history of issuing visas to terrorists at the request of the CIA. Just ask Michael Springmann. This is his story.


The Corbett Report | 9/11 Whistleblowers: Barry Jennings | Sept. 6, 2019

Source: corbettreport.com

In 2001, Barry Jennings was the Deputy Director of Emergency Services for the New York City Housing Authority. After being called to World Trade Center Building 7 to help coordinate the emergency response on the morning of 9/11, he was trapped in the building for hours by a series of explosions that—according to the official government conspiracy theory—never happened. This is his story.


Charlie Robinson | Dissecting the Tentacles of Control | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio

Source: veritasradio.com, theoctopusofglobalcontrol.com

Tonight, we continue a discussion we started a year and a half ago about the octopus of global control. This conversation is especially important because it also commemorates the events of September 11, 2001.

It is now 18 years later. I remember what I was doing that morning, and I'm sure many of you do too. Even though it feels like yesterday, anyone born on that day is now old enough to vote. How much do they believe? Do they believe the official story? Do they believe the alternative investigations alleged independent organizations claiming to have scientists, engineers, and more conducting their own investigations? Have their members been duped. 18 years to arrive to a conclusion? There are many of these organizations out there. Are they really seeking the truth, or are they controlled opposition to keep the masses looking in the wrong place? As Lenin said: "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves." This is just one topic of many we'll be discussing tonight. So buckle up!

Charlie Robinson is the author of The Octopus of Global Control, a controversial and hilarious book that features the opinions of over 500 experts that expose and explain, the century-long plan for world domination by the global elite. He had a front-row seat to the fraud and corruption in the mortgage industry during his 10-year career in Las Vegas real estate, and he credits John Perkins' book Confessions of an Economic Hitman as the final piece of the puzzle that helped him to really see how the American government operates. Charlie is an entrepreneur with a Marketing degree from the University of Southern California and agrees with comedian Bill Hicks that everyone in marketing should kill themselves.

Jeff Rense & Mr. Nano | More Remarkable Nano Talk | Sept. 13, 2019

Source: Rense.com

This Jeff Rense Program Hour Is from 09-13-19 with Guest Mr. Nano.

The Corbett Report | 9/11 Whistleblowers: Cate Jenkins | Sept. 6, 2019

Source: corbettreport.com

Dr. Cate Jenkins joined the EPA as an Environmental Scientist in December 1979. Beginning shortly after 9/11, and continuing for years afterward, Dr. Jenkins attempted to bring the EPA's faulty and fraudulent air quality testing practices to the attention of anyone who would listen. For her efforts, she endured a years-long legal battle with her own agency. This is her story.

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