Linda Moulton Howe | Worldwide flooding in the 21st Century? | Jan. 20, 2021



COVID-19 update
- 3 more variants - UK, South Africa, and Brazil
- new UK Kent variation up to 50% more infectious.
- Kent variant spread to 50 other countries.
- US mourns more than 400,000 deaths.
- Kent mutation first discovered in September, 2020
- South African mutation E484K, discovered in South Africa.
- new variants up to 70% more contagious

06:07 - Animal mutilation in Cheshire, UK
- Tongues cut out of 3 sheep found dead.
- Owner, Ferg Roylance describes the bloodless, mutilated animals

16:15 - Could a 21st century “Noah’s flood” happen in the 21st century?
- Scientists hypothesize that changes in earth’s core could cause worldwide flooding
- Many viewers respond to last week’s interview with experiencer “Crystal”

S0 News | Solar Flares Returning, Cosmic Monsters, Sun Reconstruction | Jan. 20, 2021


Press for Truth | The Presidential (s)Election And The EMPTY INAUGURATION Explained! | Jan. 19, 2021



Ever since Joe Biden “won” the presidential (s)Election it has been obvious that his inauguration would be an empty wasteland just like his various rallies and conferences have been because people don’t actually like Biden, for many he’s just the “lesser evil”…Earlier this month an “insurrection” was staged in an effort to provide the perfect excuse as to why Washington DC will be empty on the 20th of January. 

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth provides more evidence that the “insurrection” or “coup attempt” was nothing of the sort but rather a LIHOP event (Let It Happen On Purpose) to not only hide the fact that the system is rigged, but to also show their force and might to the American people as the potential for civil war continues to brew.

Dark Journalist | X Crisis in World Affairs | Jan. 19, 2021



S0 News | Mantle Conductivity & Rotation Glitches, Nebulae, Fluff Planet | Jan. 19, 2021


The Corbett Report | Freedom Airway - #SolutionsWatch | Jan. 19, 2021


Professor Delores Cahill joins the deprogram today to discuss a solution for freedom-respecting travel in the age of COVID. The Freedom Airway & Freedom Travel Alliance is seeking to create travel options that don’t require travelers to submit to vaccination, face masks or quarantines. Find out more in this week's edition of #SolutionsWatch. 

Clif High | Secrets of the Digital World | Part 1 | Forum Borealis | Jan. 18, 2021



Description pending...

G. Edward Griffin | Big Pharma in the age of Covid-19(84) | Jan. 19, 2021



To better understand our current situation regarding the Covid-19(84) scamdemic it is important to understand the history of how big Pharma came about, who the major players are and what their ultimate goal is.

Following the first and second world wars companies like IG Farben of Germany and Standard Oil of the US began forming a cartel with the single goal of monopolizing the entire heath and wellness industry.

Fast forward to today’s Covid-19(84) nightmare and you’ll find it’s the same players with the same agendas.

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with author and researcher G. Edward Griffin about the history of big Pharma, how that ties into our world today and most importantly what you as an individual can do about it to help turn this situation around!

In Memory of Kevin Smith | KSS - The Kevin Smith Show Online Archive! |


I would like to make this huge archive available to all of you. Please enjoy!

S0 News | The Liquid Sun, Solar Storm Ozone Destruction | Jan. 18, 2021


The Corbett Report | The 4th Annual Fake News Awards! | Jan. 16, 2021


From the palatial living room studios of The Corbett Report it's the 4th Annual Fake News Awards. 
The boldest lies. The stupidest propaganda. The ugliest presstitution. 

Join James as he debunks the lies and shames the liars behind the biggest fake news stories of 2020. Who will take the Dino for the worst fake news story of the year? Watch and find out!

Tim Sanders | "Law Of Creation, EMF Matrix, Zero-Point Force, Illusions Of Matter" | Age Of Truth TV | Jan. 17, 2021


Tim Sanders is a British Researcher of Electromagnetic Frequencies and Radiation and the possible dangers on our body, mind and spirit.

He is a F-i-V-e Gee expert and the founder of Omnia, the Omnia Radiation Balancer. Also a Truth Speaker and a Researcher of Science and the Esoteric.

Tim Sandars´ specialist subject is the new physics of consciousness. The understanding of the location of the zero point in each atom and the fundamental role this plays. The knowledge that we interact with this zero point field at all times, and that it responds to our conscious human intent. So we are the master manifesters – of matter, systems, buildings, art etc. And the zero point is the field of creation – the field of divine intelligence which we interact with to create.

Tim Sandars is working with a new unit of energy. It’s called the Deca and it is here for us to develop new energy solutions that can eventually replace electricity.

Our first product is called the Omnia Radiation Balancer which brings together this new science and this new technology, this new energy. The new energy is programmed to override or harmonise the radiation field.

In this FASCINATING, MIND EXPANDING interview with AGE OF TRUTH TV Presenter and Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander, Tim Sandars explains the zero point physics and shows how we bring the zero point of a microwave radiation field from a phone back to centre so that it’s in the same vibrational pattern as the human cell. Therefore, we create ‘resonance’ between the radiation field and the body...... and much much more...
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