Carol Rainey | The Co-Creation Of The Abduction Phenomenon


February 2011–Carol Rainey and Dr Tyler Kokjohn joined us on the show to talk about the history of Abduction Research and how an abduction case has been handled from the early days and how it evolved over time.

Carol Rainey has been making award-winning documentaries for PBS, cable networks, and commercial distribution for over two decades.· Although in the past she has focused mainly on scientific and medical subjects, Rainey is currently working on a feature-length documentary about her 10 year journey into the heart of the UFO mystery as the wife and filmmaker of alien abduction investigator, Budd Hopkins.

Dr. Tyler Kokjohn spoke about how the science of Biochemistry can be extremely helpful in helping to get answers from people who claim to be abducted by aliens. We also talked about how mainstream academia doesn't involve itself in UFO's or abduction research in America. ~Spectrum Radio Network
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