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March 24, 2011–This show features New York based structural engineer Richard Guy – he’s spent a big part of his life trying to get the message out that the earth is expanding and the oceans are shrinking – and that will have big consequences for us all…
~Howard Hughes

About Richard Guy

Richard Guy is one of the original, foundation members of the Expanding Earth Exchange which was founded in California in 1979 by Dr. S. Warren Carey, Mr. H. Hugh Wilson and Mr. Ralph Groves. Members of the EEE come from all sorts of backgrounds in science and engineering. All arrived at the realization of Earth Expansion through their particular discipline. For more on the Expanding Earth Exchange and for Mr. Guy's concepts regarding earth expansion click on this link (See Archives.)

Richard Guy is a Structural Engineer with forty years of Engineering experience in the United States, Middle East, England and the West Indies. He has run a consultancy practice as Chief Engineer and CEO of Amalgamated Design Group Ltd for the last thirty years. During his long career he has observed subtle patterns of Earth Expansion in the design of many structures particularly bridges and dams. Many dam and bridge failures can be attributed to earth expansion but nothing is known and, much less, understood about this phenomenon. In his book "IS PLANET EARTH EXPANDING" published in 1990 he sets out briefly the hypothesis of Earth Expansion and manifestations of the phenomenon.

Richard Guy has written numerous newspaper articles on the subject of earth expansion, he has spoken to Service clubs, Astronomical Societies, professional groups and students at high school and university level. He has written abstracts for geological conferences in China and Brazil which have been published internationally.

He is the sole proponent, worldwide, to focus on how ancient civilizations developed, as an important link in the proof of the Earth Expansion Theory. For this contribution he has been recognized by the International Biographical Center of Cambridge, England. He is listed in their Centennial Edition as one of 2000 Intellectuals of the Twentieth Century.

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