Paul Stonehill | Soviet Ufology


February 2010–Ufologist and author Paul Stonehill talked about Soviet UFO events. One truly bizarre story that he shared involved Lake Baikal, which he called "one of the strangest lakes in the world." According to Stonehill, in 1982, the Soviets detected "gigantic beings who could swim underwater" without the aid of any breathing apparatus. He said that the military lost several soldiers when they tried to capture these beings. Stonehill contended that he's received confirmation of this event from a variety of credible and disparate sources. This connection between UFOs and water was repeatedly noted by Stonehill, who also cited a Soviet cosmonaut who claimed that there was a UFO base in the Indian Ocean.

On the infamous Tunguska incident, he theorized that the event was actually the result of a conflict between two UFOs. He also revealed that there were two secret expeditions to the site soon after the event, but that their findings remain mysterious. One of the expeditions, reported on by the local residents of the area, consisted of "strange people" that were not Russians. These investigators collected data and subsequently disappeared and "nobody knows who they were, up to this day." Stonehill also discussed the black triangle filmed over Moscow this past December, UFO reports from cosmonauts, and the state of contemporary Soviet Ufology.
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