Cherri Foytlin, Gulf Coast Activist and Mother of Six arrested in front of BP Headquarters in New Orleans, August 11, 2011


The Gulf Oil IS NOT GONE!

"The time has come" says Foytlin, "we have exhausted our options, collected the facts, tried negotiation, gone from meeting to meeting. The oil is still here. We are still here, and we will not wait! Take care of my people on the coast!" 

Since last summer, when Foytlin reached out to President Obama (to no avail), she has attended countless town hall meetings, community forums, and has walked from New Orleans to Washington DC in order to be sure federal officials are aware of the unresolved economic, environmental, and health devastation caused by the BP disaster.

Foytlin is one of several dozen Gulf Coast fishermen, BP clean-up workers, residents and community organizers who gathered in front of BP Headquarters in New Orleans to mark the one year anniversary of the date when the White House falsely claimed that 75% of the oil was gone from the Gulf of Mexico. The group demanded BP and Kenneth Feinberg honor health claims and operate a transparent and fair claims process for those impacted financially. Feinberg has denied all health claims and has approved less than 40% of all claims submitted.

Tonight! Hear first hand accounts from locals who are reaching out to fellow Americans to hear their stories and accounts of what is STILL HAPPENING right in our own back yard. What is STILL happening in the Gulf? Find out TONIGHT! ~Hillary Raimo

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