Andrew Norton Webber on A Fireside Chat | Distilled Water & Liquid Therapies, November 19, 2011

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Andrew Norton Webber returns in this 2nd installment of an ongoing series on the miraculous properties of drinking distilled waters and ancient technologies of using our own urine for healing; both without and within. Distilled waters, from outside and from our own alchemical distillery, are the true "fountain of liquid gold and life".

Andrew discusses the "why and how" to de-mineralize (de-calcify) and unlock the awesome power of our own living glands; the 360 degrees of subtle senses represented by the Pineal, which works in synchronicity with all our glands, when not "deadened" by fluoride and other "toxic substances". Radiation and INorganic minerals can exist in mineral and bottled waters; not so in distilled waters. We go into more depth about the many uses for "Liquid Therapies", including urine for severe burns, insect and snake bites, cancer, arthritis and bone diseases.
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