Dr. Tapzyana Thomas | Your Lymphatic System

Source: itsrainmakingtime.com, beldglobal.com

October 31, 2011–Lymphatic cancer survivor Dr. Tapzyana Thomas is a business owner, a healer, and the author of Secrets of the Lymphatic System. Her story defies the medical establishment with incredibly profound implications. In this segment, she shares her transformation from terminal cancer patient with three weeks to live to having a clean bill of health for 28 years.

The lymphatic system, which is one half of the circulatory system, is the most extensive system in the body. All of the water in our bodies is lymph fluid. The blood is 90% lymph fluid and 10% hemoglobin. The lymphatic system is electromagnetic and maintains the health of the entire cellular terrain. As most of us know, blood carries oxygen for cellular respiration, regeneration, and purification of the body. When it is purified, lymph fluid leaves the nodes and enters the heart. It picks up blood platelets that carry oxygen and circulates through the arteries and veins of the circulatory system.

Dr. Tapzyana Thomas has become an invaluable resource for knowledge about the lymphatic system, healing, and wellness. With humility and grace, she brings us up to speed about the new technologies and knowledge necessary for wellness. This is an interview to pay close attention to: Dr. Thomas is a living testimony to the possibilities that are available even when the experts declare you’re out of time.
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